Frequently Asked Question
What is a Government Access Channel? 
•Government-access television (GATV) is a type of television channel created by government entities (generally local governments) and broadcast over cable TV systems or, in some cases, over-the-air broadcast television stations
How do I know If I have one?
Who will see the channel?
What types of programming can I air on my channel?
What does it cost?
What other departments in the municipality will benefit?
What type of equipment is needed?
Who will maintain the equipment?
Informed Involved and Impressed
Do we need employees to run it?
How will it benefit the citizens of the community?
Can this Channel be streamed to our web site?
Most Cities have a franchise agreement with the local cable company. Check this document to determine the details of your channel.
Depending on the service you request there will be some video servers that will need to be installed the typical install will be a server that needs about 4u in rack space.
Cis-Com will be responsible to ensure your system stays up and running and that any updates or replacements are handled in a timley manner to keep your channel up and running on the air.
Everyone that has a basic cable package will be able to view this channel. 
No additional employees to higher or train. 
This channel will be funded by local people and businesses in the community who will want to sponsor this channel.
There are hundreds of programs that are available to help inform and keep people safe.
Parks & Recreation, Public Works, Library, Police, Fire and schools
Absolutely, cross promoting will help increase traffic on your web site.
How often is the channel updated?
Your channel will have new content on a daily basis Top News Stories Sports Entertainment and local information will be sent to your channel lineup to keep your channel looking fresh.